1st Place
Carlos Rocca
Ventus 2b: QV
2nd Place
sebastian nagel
René Vidal
Ventus 2cT: QZ
3rd Place
sebastian nagel
Thomas Gostner
Diana 2: GT


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Carlos Rocca won Day 8 and  tickets to Grand Prix Finals in Sisteron France.

Rene Vidal and Thomas Gostner will be part of the party in France as well.

All visitors left Vitacura with many memories and eager to come back soon, who knows be again in next  2014 Nationals....

Good bye everybody, see you soon


Patrick Puskeiler won the Day....!!

Energy conditions were better than predicted  and 151 km. task were completed in 1:07 hr. at 134 km/hr. average speed.

Gostner second place and Rocca third place.

Saturday last day....


No energy no winner.....task seemed pretty in the brief, but pilots couldn´t pass to second system and First waypoint Saladillo  and second waypoint Morado Chico were reached by only 3 pilots, the rest of the pilots return home early.

We hope better meteo conditions for friday.


Task for today looked easy and fast at briefing time, but cirrus clouds appear from North west and things turned  hard in low levels, causing 2 outlanded (Tilo in Algarrobo airfield and Jarpa in Salamanca airfield ), fortunately Spidertracking allowed to organization sent very fast 2 tugs and both pilots returned soon and safe to Vitacura.

Carlos Rocca kept enought altitude over thermal inversion  and won the day....